Billy’s Buddies is the brainchild of Billy Slater – former Melbourne Storm, Queensland and Australian Rugby League representative. We are the home of Non-Contact Rugby League for kids aged 2 to 6. At Billy’s Buddies, we love all sports, not just Rugby League. 

Our Programs emphasize having fun and encourage children to develop their social skills all whilst at the same time, teaching them the fundamentals of not only Rugby League, but ball sports in general. Like Billy, we want all of our children to become great team players and learn the importance of teamwork.

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Mission – The primary goal of Billy’s Buddies is to introduce as many children as possible (between the ages of 2 and 6) to the basics of ball sports in a non-contact, fun, social and affordable setting.

Vision – To teach all Australian children the fundamental skills of sport and inspire them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Values – Billy’s Buddies epitomizes the same values which we associate with Billy Slater himself. We pride ourselves on providing a fun but well-structured Program customized by the highest degree of professionalism and customer service.



I am now franchising Billy's Buddies across Queensland and New South Wales! Head to our website to apply or for more information!!

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Billy's Buddies South Sunshine Coast

Franchisees Jodi and Michael showcase their Programs in the South Sunshine Coast region! 

We have two Program offerings, a Childcare Centre Program and a Park Session Program. The Childcare Centre Program is in the name - it is a weekly Program run at local Childcare Centres as an extra-curricular activity for families. We also have a number of Centres that choose to pay for the Program for the entire year, instead of the families, which is very a popular inclusion for Centre parents! 

Our Park Session Program is a catch-all Program where any child (between 2 and 6) can participate! These Programs primarily run at local Junior Rugby League Clubs as a stepping stone to the junior league but we also run at local indoor halls and on school ovals!